Nude and gold manicure with Dior Sienna and China Glaze I’m Not Lion

Today’s manicure is done with Christian Dior Sienna and stamped with China Glaze Passion using Bundle Monster BM 312. I was hesitant to get the Dior polish since it’s so expensive, but I convinced myself that if I got something in a conservative shade I could use it for interviews in the future. Maybe not the most sound reasoning, but I really like the formula. It applies like butter and was opaque in two coats. The brush is thicker than that for your average nail polish. I have mixed feelings about thicker brushes. They help with an even application but are less precise. Unexpectedly, I ended up really liking the brush. The accent nail is with China Glaze I’m Not Lion, which I knew I’d love as soon as I saw it. It is a holographic glitter with a coarse texture once it dries. I had some trouble photographing this manicure for some reason, so these pictures don’t do it justice. I picked up China Glaze I Herd That at the same time, which is a similar glitter polish, but is copper. I can’t wait to try that one out now.

Gold stamped Dior sienna nude pink with China Glaze I'm not Lion accent nail


Gold stamped Dior sienna nude pink with China Glaze I'm not Lion accent nail

I’m not doing any black Friday shopping this year. The one thing I’ve been eyeing is at Zoya. My mom is impossible to shop for. The one thing that I know she’ll use if I get it for her is nail polish. For mother’s day, I got her a boxed set from Zoya that they had as a special. It was three pre-chosen colors in a nice black box. I ended up swapping out some of the colors I didn’t think she would like as much. Now, they’re selling the same boxes with your choice of colors, called dream boxes. I know what I’m getting everyone for the holidays now!

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