Merry Christmas kisses under the mistletoe

Merry Christmas y’all! I got over being grinchy and finally posted a festive manicure. I used Migi Nail Art pens for this. My mom is in town for the next week so you may see her (much healthier) nails featured at some point. Happy holidays to everyone

Gold holiday nail art- kisses under the mistletoe

Festive Christmas Manicure - kisses under the mistletoe

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8 responses to “Merry Christmas kisses under the mistletoe”

  1. craftynail says :

    i love the kissy lips!

  2. Polish Alcoholic says :

    Those lips are awesome! So nice!
    Os.: I like to give you a Blog of the Year 2012 award:

  3. luchessa says :

    Oh this design looks super cute!

  4. pvar85 says :

    Very creative

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