New Year’s Eve nails – navy and gold Ruffian

This is what I ended up wearing on my nails for New Year’s eve. The navy is Zoya Ibiza and the champagne is Zoya Jules, one coat each.  Jules is great, but I LOVE Ibiza. The color is almost black, but has such a beautiful flash of blue when it hits the light. They both have great coverage and apply smoothly. So the Ruffian is like a reverse half moon/French manicure that is easy to do quickly. The manicure was (at least reportedly) first done for fashion label Ruffian. All you do is first paint your full nails as you would normally with one color, then do the same thing with another color without going all the way down to the cuticle. I ended up making a last minute trip to New Orleans on New Year’s eve so time was of the essence with this manicure. This is also my excuse as to why it isn’t super neat. I took these photos a while after I did my mani, so I’m sorry for all of the wear and tear!

Navy and gold reverse french manicure "Ruffian" with Zoya navy Ibiza and gold Julep

Navy and gold reverse french manicure "Ruffian" with Zoya navy Ibiza and gold Julep

The skirt featured in the first photo, which was what I wore on NYE, is this skirt from Express. It’s a sequin Aztec/tribal print mini skirt. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. I was lucky enough to get it when it was 40% off, s0 I got it in 2 colors! It was 50 degrees in NOLA, but I paired it with a leather jacket and managed to stay warm. Thanks for reading!

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