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Gold leopard print with new Konad stampling plate m93

Hey everyone! I’m briefly coming out of my hiatus because so kindly sent me one of their newly released Konad stamping plates to review. They are selling 5 new Konad stamping plates if you’d like to check them out. They are also going to be giving away all 5 of these plates, and you can enter to win them at this link.

I ended up chosing Konad plate m93. I was drawn to this plate because of the anchor stamp. I have been looking for a stamp with a single anchor, but all I have been able to find before this was one with a tiled pattern. Needless to say, I have a manicure planned that will be featuring this stamp!

Konad stamping nail art plate m93 - hearts, cubes, leopard, checker, anchor

For now though, I wanted to use the leopard print full nail stamp. I have a couple leopard print stamps and I feel like they all give you different looks. For this manicure, I used Zoya Blaze as the base color. I couldn’t get this to photograph right, so I’d say it’s lighter in the picture than it is in actuality. For the gold stamp, I used China Glaze passion. I used China Glaze Herd That with a dotting tool to add a little pizazz in places.

Cheetah print gold and red with Konad stampling plate m93

As always, I’m really impressed with the Konad stamps. They always stamp well because they are well-made. The size of the plates is enough to cover my whole nail, unlike some of the lower-end plates. AND I am SUPER excited to use the anchor stamp so just wait!

Cheetah print gold and red with Konad stampling plate m93

As for my return into the world of nail blogging, I have four more weeks that I am going to be spending away from home. That’s out of 15 total, so that’s not bad at all. I should be able to get back into the swing of things then because all I will have to do is study (read: procrastinate) for my board exams and then go on interviews. I’m excited to go back home and be done with things!

Spaceships and Saturn – from the Instagram archives

I’m still on my surgery rotation, so sorry about the lack of updates! For this week, I’m posting an old manicure I did. It’s Zoya Ibiza and Carrie Ann over Layla Coral Glam holo. I stamped it with a plate from the Cheeky Summer Collection (which is great because of the BIG plates and amazing packaging). I’ll look up the exact plate number soon!

Movember mustache manicure

While I do like mustaches on men, I’m not a fan of the mustache trend. I don’t really understand the trend of the finger mustache tattoo, but to each his/her own. However, I can get behind prostate cancer and men’s health. So, I put some ‘staches on my nails in celebration of No Shave November and the November Polish Days Event. The polish is Speciallita Hits No Olimpo in Hermes. It’s a pretty nice holographic, but I didn’t get a chance to photograph it outside.

Movember mustache manicure


Movember mustache manicure


Red and gold

Some quick pics of what I had on today. The red is Speciallita Hits No Olimpo in Ares and the gold is Jade Mystic Gold. The stamp was Cheeky plate CH 37 from the summer collection (love the packaging!) using Essie Scarlett O’Hara.

I usually try to not wear red when I’m working during the week, but sometimes I can’t help it. My patient commented on my nails, so much for being subtle!
I’m almost making progress on growing out my nails a bit. I’ve been using Mavala Scientifique nail hardener to help prevent my nails from peeling like they always do. I’ll keep you updated about how it works, it’s only been a week.

holographic red and gold manicure with fan motif stamping


holographic red and gold manicure with fan motif stamping


Greek inspired stamping art

This stamping plate (Bundle Monster BM 321) reminded me of a motif from ancient Greece. I ended up going with blue (Ibiza by Zoya) over gold (Mystic Gold by Jade). I topped it off with a matte topcoat (Matte Finish Topcoat by Butter London). I think I would have preferred a white base with a gold stamp. The problem is that I don’t have a good gold nail polish to stamp with. Does anyone have any recommendations?

greek inspired gold and navy stamped pattern manicure

greek inspired gold and navy stamped pattern manicure

And if you’re looking for a bit of entertainment, and have as ridiculous of a sense of humor as me, check out a rehash of one of my favorite twitter accounts, Billy Nye Tho.

How bout them cowboys?

Being from Texas, I have a soft spot for Clint Eastwood, cowboy boots, Southern accents, and of course football. Today, I included some cowboy inspired manicures I’ve done lately. I’m sure these won’t be the last.

Texas stamp

I used Layla Hologram Effect 02 Coral Glam with Konad plate s5 for this one. This plate is adorable!

Cowboy stamp

This was with Zoya Tiffany with Cheeky plate CH34. It didn’t turn out exactly how I liked it. It’s hard to make out the cowboy on the horse. Instead, it looks like a houndstooth print.

cheeky summer collection

I love the packaging of the Cheeky summer collection. It comes with a little card that can be used instead of the scraper for stamping nail art. I’ll post some nail art from it soon!

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