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Spaceships and Saturn – from the Instagram archives

I’m still on my surgery rotation, so sorry about the lack of updates! For this week, I’m posting an old manicure I did. It’s Zoya Ibiza and Carrie Ann over Layla Coral Glam holo. I stamped it with a plate from the Cheeky Summer Collection (which is great because of the BIG plates and amazing packaging). I’ll look up the exact plate number soon!

Tiger print stamp – from the Instagram archives

Sorry that I haven’t posted anything recently! These next 2 weeks are going to be pretty busy since I have my shelf exam soon, but I’ll try to keep things updated. For now, I’m pulling out an old manicure from the archives. This was done using Zoya Lo stamped with a purple Konad polish and Konad m57.

Tiger stripe stamped nails with zoya lo

Right now I’m on internal medicine. Our school has the hospital for Texas’s entire prison system, so we get some really sick and complicated patients. That’s where I’ve been this month, so I’ve been keeping busy. It’s been fun though!

From the instagram archives…

I have quite a few manicure pics taken with my iphone before I started actually photographing them. I loved this manicure – it’s Zoya Rica and Zoya Heidi and Bundle Monster plate BM 313. It’s really subtle and was hard to pick up with the camera, which is what I think I love about it! Is this plate a giraffe fur or turtle shell print?

coral giraffe manicure

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