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Red Konad French manicure, carpet catastrophe

Today was my day off. When I woke up this morning, I noticed that parts of my carpet were a little bit damp, but only in a couple places. I brushed it off and kept getting ready, but then I realized that it was getting wetter and wetter each time I walked on it because the carpet pads were soaked. I tried to figure out where it was coming from, but my bathroom, washing machine, and water heater were all totally dry and there were no leaks in my ceiling. We called the handyman for my apartment complex, and he was pretty perplexed as to where it was coming from also. He decided to check the neighbor’s to see if it was coming from there. Lo and behold, the toilet had been clogged and overflowing and there was no one home. So my carpet is covered in, more or less, poop water! Haha, well I’m lucky I was home and it was my day off so that I could get someone to come by to look at it.

My Saturday manicure is a French manicure in Essie Scarlett O’Hara over my naked nail, with top coat. I used Konad stamping plate M19 with 2 stamped layers of the Scarlett O’Hara. Thanks for listening to my rant!

Red and nude French manicure with Essie Scarlett O'Hara and Konad stamping plates

Konad stamped glitter french manicure

Without a doubt, my favorite way to do a French manicure is with the Konad stamping plate that comes with the French manicure kit (set F, plate M19). It takes some getting use to, but once you do, you can do the tips in just minutes, and they end up a lot more even for me than doing them freehand. For these, I did the tips with the stamping plate, then put Essie Shine of the Times on top. After a while, I decided I didn’t like the glitter over the white tips so I just restamped them, so the tips are a bit thick. Has anyone tried using this plate? Have you had any trouble?

Glitter french manicure with Konad stamping plate M19 and Essie Shine of the Times

Glitter french manicure with Konad stamping plate M19 and Essie Shine of the Times

Glitter french manicure with Konad stamping plate M19 and Essie Shine of the Times

Glitter french gel manicure

Glitter French Manicure

I have a love/hate relationship with French manicures. I can’t decide if they’re classy or kind of garish. Instead of letting people wonder if I am trying to be sophisticated, I decided to learn towards tacky and go all out with the glitter.

I hate how fast a French manicure usually chips on me so I decided to do a gel manicure with Gelish polishes from Sally beauty. I have thin nails that peel easily, so I like gel manicures because they make my nails hard enough so they can grow out. I do my own with a UV lamp from Amazon.com and Gelish or CND polishes.

Glitter French Manicure

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