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Gold leopard print with new Konad stampling plate m93

Hey everyone! I’m briefly coming out of my hiatus because nailpolishcanada.com so kindly sent me one of their newly released Konad stamping plates to review. They are selling 5 new Konad stamping plates if you’d like to check them out. They are also going to be giving away all 5 of these plates, and you can enter to win them at this link.

I ended up chosing Konad plate m93. I was drawn to this plate because of the anchor stamp. I have been looking for a stamp with a single anchor, but all I have been able to find before this was one with a tiled pattern. Needless to say, I have a manicure planned that will be featuring this stamp!

Konad stamping nail art plate m93 - hearts, cubes, leopard, checker, anchor

For now though, I wanted to use the leopard print full nail stamp. I have a couple leopard print stamps and I feel like they all give you different looks. For this manicure, I used Zoya Blaze as the base color. I couldn’t get this to photograph right, so I’d say it’s lighter in the picture than it is in actuality. For the gold stamp, I used China Glaze passion. I used China Glaze Herd That with a dotting tool to add a little pizazz in places.

Cheetah print gold and red with Konad stampling plate m93

As always, I’m really impressed with the Konad stamps. They always stamp well because they are well-made. The size of the plates is enough to cover my whole nail, unlike some of the lower-end plates. AND I am SUPER excited to use the anchor stamp so just wait!

Cheetah print gold and red with Konad stampling plate m93

As for my return into the world of nail blogging, I have four more weeks that I am going to be spending away from home. That’s out of 15 total, so that’s not bad at all. I should be able to get back into the swing of things then because all I will have to do is study (read: procrastinate) for my board exams and then go on interviews. I’m excited to go back home and be done with things!

Dr. Mario nail art

Hope you all like the layout change. After getting 4 days a month off for the last 3 months, I now have weekends off AND 4 days off for the holidays so I don’t know what to do with myself! Since I haven’t had as much medicine in my daily life because I’ve had so much time off, I had to compensate by doing medicine related nails. I did Dr. Mario nails inspired by the old video game. On the pinky are two pills, ring and pointer have viruses, Dr. Mario himself is on the middle finger, and my thumb says “Dr. Mario.” I used A England Bridal Veil for the black background and Zoya Mimi for the purple. All of the designs were done using Migi Nail Art pens, though I mixed up some of the colors with different nail polishes. So, do you remember playing Dr. Mario?

Dr. Mario nail art with migi nail art pens and A England Bridal veil

Dr. Mario nail art with migi nail art pens and A England Bridal veil


Tiger print stamp – from the Instagram archives

Sorry that I haven’t posted anything recently! These next 2 weeks are going to be pretty busy since I have my shelf exam soon, but I’ll try to keep things updated. For now, I’m pulling out an old manicure from the archives. This was done using Zoya Lo stamped with a purple Konad polish and Konad m57.

Tiger stripe stamped nails with zoya lo

Right now I’m on internal medicine. Our school has the hospital for Texas’s entire prison system, so we get some really sick and complicated patients. That’s where I’ve been this month, so I’ve been keeping busy. It’s been fun though!

Rainbows + Hawaii

I’m in the airport about to go to Hawaii for a conference. I’m so excited. The high temperatures the whole weekend are in the 80s and the lows are in the 70s. I’m going to find time to hit the beach and maybe even come back with a tan (or a sunburn more likely).

This manicure was pretty simple and quick, but I liked how it turned out. The base is Lime Crime Lavendairy from the Desserts d’Antoinette collection. I love these colors and they are nice and opaque. They always end up looking kind of bad around my cuticles, but I think this is mostly operator error and because of how light the colors are. They dry fast and apply evenly, so I’m a fan. The rainbow is done with Migi nail art pens, which I love and have been raving about. These colors are from the neon collection.

At the hospital, I was in the middle of presenting my patient to my attending physician and he interrupted me and said “I love your nails!” It was hilarious because he’s a stoic guy. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Pastel purple rainbow manicure

End of summer stripes

So maybe summer technically ended a while ago, it’s still pretty hot in most of Texas. However, we’ve had a couple of chilly days recently, so I’m finally thinking about fall. This was my attempt to transition between summer and fall. I used Julep Toni as the base color. This color has really grown on me. It’s a wearable grey/purple color. The stripes are with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lightening and Julep Sasha.

I really love the colors of the Julep polishes I have, but I find them really difficult to wear. The first layer is really streaky and it takes a long time to dry. Maybe it’s just the colors that I own that are difficult. Anyone have any opinions about this brand?

end of summer stripes manicure


end of summer stripes manicure

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