I’m an ex studio art major, current med student, future surgeon (almost there!). On my blog, I post nail art, nail polish swatches and reviews, nail care tips and tricks, manicure tutorials and the occasional rambling on life as a medical student. The name comes from a little motivational trick that I would do while studying for medical school when things would get rough. I’d write “#1 or die” on my mirror in dry erase marker as a tongue-in-cheek reminder that I needed to stay on top of my game. If you’re interested in guest posting, want me to review something, or anything at all, you can contact me at kelli@polishordie.com

All content and images copyright 2012. If you’d like to use my images for personal use (e.g. reposting on your blog), please link back to http://www.polishordie.com. Please let me know if you’d like to use my images for commercial or other use by emailing me at kelli@polishordie.com

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