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Spaceships and Saturn – from the Instagram archives

I’m still on my surgery rotation, so sorry about the lack of updates! For this week, I’m posting an old manicure I did. It’s Zoya Ibiza and Carrie Ann over Layla Coral Glam holo. I stamped it with a plate from the Cheeky Summer Collection (which is great because of the BIG plates and amazing packaging). I’ll look up the exact plate number soon!

Neon sunglasses

It’s getting cold here, and the temperature shock coming back from Hawaii was not pleasant. I miss the days this summer when we would grill on the beach. I thought I’d reminisce a little with this manicure. From thumb to pinky, I used Zoya Lo, Essie Tart Deco, China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Lime Crime Pastelchio, and Lime Crime Once in a Blue Mousse. It’s stamped with plate CH 37 from the Cheeky summer collection. I love the packaging for these stamping plates, and I really like the size. They’re really cute, but I haven’t been using them too much since it’s cold.

Neon sunglasses manicure

Now for a couple Hawaii photos.

This lady was out promoting her nail salon. That umbrella is amazing. I need one.

Subtle Coral and Gold

I’ve been looking for a gold stamping polish so I got Sally Hansen Golden-I since it was reasonably priced. It’s a nice polish and worked perfectly for this manicure, but not as opaque as I’d like for a stamping polish. Still, I love how subtle this is. The base is Julep Sasha. Plates are: Cheeky CH 37 (thumb), Bundle Monster BM 323 (index), Bundle Monster BM 312 (middle), Bundle Monster BM 310 (ring), Bundle Monster BM 317 (pinky). There’s a flaming basketball stamp on BM 312. I absolutely need to use this!

subtle coral and gold stamped nails


subtle coral and gold stamped nails


subtle coral and gold stamped nails


subtle coral and gold stamped nails


subtle coral and gold stamped nails


subtle coral and gold stamped nails

Red and gold

Some quick pics of what I had on today. The red is Speciallita Hits No Olimpo in Ares and the gold is Jade Mystic Gold. The stamp was Cheeky plate CH 37 from the summer collection (love the packaging!) using Essie Scarlett O’Hara.

I usually try to not wear red when I’m working during the week, but sometimes I can’t help it. My patient commented on my nails, so much for being subtle!
I’m almost making progress on growing out my nails a bit. I’ve been using Mavala Scientifique nail hardener to help prevent my nails from peeling like they always do. I’ll keep you updated about how it works, it’s only been a week.

holographic red and gold manicure with fan motif stamping


holographic red and gold manicure with fan motif stamping


How bout them cowboys?

Being from Texas, I have a soft spot for Clint Eastwood, cowboy boots, Southern accents, and of course football. Today, I included some cowboy inspired manicures I’ve done lately. I’m sure these won’t be the last.

Texas stamp

I used Layla Hologram Effect 02 Coral Glam with Konad plate s5 for this one. This plate is adorable!

Cowboy stamp

This was with Zoya Tiffany with Cheeky plate CH34. It didn’t turn out exactly how I liked it. It’s hard to make out the cowboy on the horse. Instead, it looks like a houndstooth print.

cheeky summer collection

I love the packaging of the Cheeky summer collection. It comes with a little card that can be used instead of the scraper for stamping nail art. I’ll post some nail art from it soon!

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