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Dr. Mario nail art

Hope you all like the layout change. After getting 4 days a month off for the last 3 months, I now have weekends off AND 4 days off for the holidays so I don’t know what to do with myself! Since I haven’t had as much medicine in my daily life because I’ve had so much time off, I had to compensate by doing medicine related nails. I did Dr. Mario nails inspired by the old video game. On the pinky are two pills, ring and pointer have viruses, Dr. Mario himself is on the middle finger, and my thumb says “Dr. Mario.” I used A England Bridal Veil for the black background and Zoya Mimi for the purple. All of the designs were done using Migi Nail Art pens, though I mixed up some of the colors with different nail polishes. So, do you remember playing Dr. Mario?

Dr. Mario nail art with migi nail art pens and A England Bridal veil

Dr. Mario nail art with migi nail art pens and A England Bridal veil


Bling-a-ling holiday nails with mini hexagon glitter

I like the idea of sequins and glitter for the holidays, especially for New Year’s, but I don’t think I could pull off something like a sequin dress. I think this is the next best thing for me. I used mini hexagon glitter that I found on ebay, and I just sprinkled on after applying a similarly colored nail polish. It ended up staying on my nails surprisingly well. I put a top coat on over, and I didn’t have much trouble with it. I’ll probably try to recreate something similar for New Years.



This manicure was inspired by Polish Days over at Polly Polish, with the theme “bling.” Check out some of the other wonderful manicures below.

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