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Pink ombre mermaid? nails

I was inspired by this tutorial at Little Nails that I read a couple months ago. However, I neglected to look at the tutorial again before doing it, and I just went at it. Needless to say, this really doesn’t look like a mermaid tail. Still, I think I like the final product. I used so many nail polishes that I don’t want to write it out, but I do know what I used. Ask away if you’re wondering what a color is.  I swatched it on paper and figured out what I was doing wrong. Next time they might actually turn out right!

Pink and gold shimmer ombre mermaid manicure

Pink and gold shimmer ombre mermaid manicure

Zoya Mieko swatch

Hey everyone! Nothing fancy today, just a swatch of Zoya Mieko. It’s a beautiful warm pink with gold shimmer, which adds so much depth. It’s one of my favorite nail polishes. It’s a unique, versatile color that applies beautifully. This is with two coats and topcoat. Happy holidays.

Swatch of pretty nail polish Zoya MiekoSwatch of pretty nail polish Zoya Mieko

From the instagram archives…

I have quite a few manicure pics taken with my iphone before I started actually photographing them. I loved this manicure – it’s Zoya Rica and Zoya Heidi and Bundle Monster plate BM 313. It’s really subtle and was hard to pick up with the camera, which is what I think I love about it! Is this plate a giraffe fur or turtle shell print?

coral giraffe manicure

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